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The Sunshine Coast

Stamp Rally 2024

How to stamp rally

Stamp rallies are a fun, free way to explore while travelling or getting to know your community better. While very popular in Japan, stamp rallies are quite new to Canada. Stamp rallies simply involve going to various locations and getting an ink stamp as a free souvenir to chronicle your adventures. You can bring your own book for your stamp collection or ones can be obtained at Sunshine Coast Kayaking by $3 donation to wildlife charities on The Sunshine Coast. There are currently 12 stamps to get on this rally, involving 11 local businesses and the last mystery stamp for people that have obtained at least 10 of the other stamps. (see list below) If you make it to the mystery stamp, you get to play the mini claw machine until you win a little souvenir prize, with the chance for a bigger prize. 1 win per person per completed rally. You can start getting your stamps at any of the participating local businesses, but be sure to end your adventure at Sunshine Coast Kayaking at Gibsons Marina to play the crane game. (No purchase necessary) Stamp locations are spread out over Gibsons & Roberts Creek to encourage people to explore lots of great areas. Have fun!

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